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Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Posted on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 at 1:12 pm by Chelsea


For the special individuals born in March, two birthstones are associated with this month: Auquamarine and Bloodstone.  Both stones are so very different in appearance to each other but they both are similar as to symbolize preservation and/or enhancement of the health of the wearer.

Aquamarine is named from the latin word aqua-meaning water and marina meaning the sea.  It ranges in light tones to greenish blue, to bluegreen.  The color is usually more intense in larger stones and darker blue stones are more valuable.  This stone is also the 19th wedding anniversary stone.  

There were many beliefs and lore surrounding Auquamarine.  It was believed to cool the temper of the wearer and sailors believed this gemstone would protect them and guarantee safe voyage.  Another interesting belief was Aquamarine was a promising gift to a Bride symbolizing love and unity.

Auquamarine will complement any skin tone or setting.  With its cool tranquil color it is a wonderful as a piece of jewelry or as an aid in a spriitual journey.

Bloodstone is the second birthstone for March.  It is a dark-green stone flecked with vivid red spots.  Another name for Bloodstone is Heliotrope, a Greek word, meaning "to turn to the sun".  This is in reference to how it reflected light.  

Bloodstone can come in two different forms:  one is more transparent with red spots, the other is more opaque with little of no red spots

The Ancients used Bloodstone to make seals and amulets and was believed to have healing powers over blood disorders.  It was also believed that Bloodstone could make have increased strength, win legal battles and control (change) the weather.  Today this stone is prized by atheletes and those wishing to increase their personal strength.

Bloodstone may not have the beauty of Auquamarine but like Auquamarine it is prized for its symbolism, strength and spiritual properties