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Posted on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 at 5:49 pm by Chelsea

Let's look at Cubic Zirconia and how it differs from Diamond.

Cubic Zirconia is a substitute for Diamond.  It is made of a synthetic material that is not as hard as diamond.  Comparing hardness, Zirconia is an 8.5 hardnes while Diamond is a 10 on the Mohs scale. (Mohs scale is a scale of hardness used in classifying minerals.)

One of the most important differences between Cubic Zirconia and Diamond is that Zirconia is almost entirly flawless.  Being created artificially Zirconia does not have any inclusions.  An additional characteristic of Zirconia is that it is less durable than Diamond.  This stone is more brittle than Diamond but what you have to be aware of mainly is that Zirconia scratches so easily and will start to look worn.

A Cubic Zirconia corresponds to that of a Diamond having a high grad of color.  Zirconia is purely colorless and will not have any shades present in the stone.  So, if you purchase a Cubic Zirconia, no need to worry about seeing any hints of yellow.   A helpful way to tell a CZ from a Diamond is to look at the flashes produced by the stone when light enters it.  It shines in all the colors of rainbow and has a brilliance that is a lot more colorful than a real Diamond.

As far as the weight comparison between Zirconia and Diamond, Zirconia weighs more than Diamond.  Comparing the two stones of close to actual size, the CZ will be noticeably heavier.  Actually,  twice as heavy.

The Facet junctions of a diamond, when looked at closely, are very sharp.   Cubic Zirconia have facets that are smoother and rounder edges.  To see these differences you will have to look through the jewelers loupe or microscope of 10X magnification.

Heat differences are apparent with Zirconia and Diamond.  Zirconia is a beter thermal insulator than Diamond.  A test to tell Zirconia and Diamond apart is to breathe on each stone.  Since Diamond has a higher thermal conductivity, your breath will vanish right away.  Your breath will remain on Zirconia for a longer time because of its better thermal insulation.

Remember,  if you are unsure what your stone is, take it to a qualified and reliable Jewelry Store like SWEDES JEWELERS.  We are equipped with diamond testers that will detect diamond.  Our experience and knowledge of diamonds as well as CZ's will lead you in the right direction when choosing a stone.