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Shimmer with Opals and Tourmalines This October!

Posted on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 at 9:58 am by Rob



The October Birthstone: The Opal

Spectrally magnificent, Opals have long been desired for their kaleidoscopic rainbow quality. This exquisite gemstone treats the eye to an explosion of shimmering rainbow colors with even the slightest movement. Also known as the primary birthstone for the month of October, the Opal symbolizes purity, innocence, and hope. It also embodies metaphysical properties of confidence, loyalty, faithfulness and happiness. One legendary explanation for this gemstone’s origin is that it fell from heaven in a flash of fiery lighting.

Because the opal is so renowned for its truly unique characteristics, there are many factors that play a part in determining the value of an opal. Some of these key components include the type of opal, body tone, brilliance, pattern, colour bar thickness, the play of colour, the quality of the cut & polish, and the size of the stone. Did you know that there were so many opal variations? Leave us a comment and let us know which stone you would put on your wishlist!


The Alternate Birthstone: The Pink Tourmaline

An alternate birthstone for October, Pink Tourmaline has the seemingly magical property of pyroelectricity.  opalandtourmalinebanner.jpgScientifically speaking, this means that when heated, the gem takes on a static electric charge, making it capable of attracting lightweight objects. No wonder this gemstone was revered for its mystical properties centuries ago!  Considered the “stone of the muse,” it was believed to stimulate the creative process of its wearer. Pink varieties of Tourmaline range in color from pastel pink to ruby red and are mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, Burma, and India.  A gift of this stone is symbolic of hope.