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Unique, Exclusive, and Stunning, OH MY!

Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at 12:35 pm by Rob


Looking for a truly unique, exclusive, and stunning piece? Check out Galatea's Diamond in a Pearl Collection!

Diamond in a Pearl Collection

This collection of jewelry is created by artist Chi Galatea Huynh.  It is easy to see that Chi is inspired by nature's beauty and has a great ability to reproduce the eye pleasing lines, colors, and textures that are found in the natural world all around us.

                    The Symbol of Love

When an oyster swallows a grain of sand it feels the discomfort, so it begins to ease the pain by applying a coat of nacre (pearl). It is during this healing process that it creates a beautiful pearl. It is rather ironic to think that something so beautiful can be created out of so much discomfort. This is like life itself. It is easy to love in good times, but it takes courage to love through the discomfort of our lives. The diamond represents the grain of sand and the pearl evokes an aura of courage, love, and healing that is embedded deep within the soul. It is this unique transformation that has given birth to "Diamond in a Pearl, " the symbol of love.

Love has the power to heal all wounds,
love defines our existence,
love is a Diamond in a Pearl                                                       -