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"I just made my annual holiday purchase at Swede's Jewelers and I could not be more grateful for the wonderful staff! You guys make every shopping experience a pleasure! Thank you again!"                                                                                   Veronica L

"Swedes is the ONLY jewelry store for our family. My husband and I bought our Simon G engagement ring and wedding bands here last year and I was in today for a simple repair on a necklace. No matter what we are in there for, the staff is always professional, helpful, and most importantly friendly. The quality of the merchandise is always of the highest standard. I could not be more pleased with our wedding jewelry! Absolutely gorgeous! I hope that other people choose swedes in the future because everyone deserves such a great buying experience as I have had." - Danielle B

"You did a great job of repairing a ring for my niece and an ever so special locket for me. My niece was told that a diamond could not be replaced for her ring, but I told her "Let me take it to Swede's and see what they say". Needless to say she was so happy to have her ring back and fixed-so now you have gained another customer. Thank you!" -Donna C.  

"Just wanted to let you know how great the work you do there is!! I was given my mom's mothers ring, which needed a little work. Two stones needed to be replaced and the ring needed to be cleaned. When I picked it up it looked like a totally new ring. My fiancé's sister gave him a chain that needed to have a link fixed, and again the workmanship was outstanding. He wasn't with me when I picked it up but he was VERY pleased with the work done on the chain. It has great sentimental value to him and he was happy with the way it turned out. Your business has been in East Windsor for as long as I can remember and to me that shows staying power and quality work. Hope that you will be there for many more years!!" —Matilda H. 

"A kind of magic unfolds when I cross Swede’s threshold. From the whimsy of Pandora to the exquisite elegance of individually selected, hand-strung pearls, what is proudly given and worn today will become tomorrow’s heirloom. The genuine regard for each customer, now so seldom seen, along with a varied assortment of quality jewelry and fine gift items, make Swede’s my family’s first and favorite destination." —Margaret N. 

"I’ve had my diamond engagement ring for over 22 years and it absolutely means the world to me. I’ve rarely had any repair work done to it because I’ve always been skeptical about leaving it with just anyone. After making a recent purchase at Swedes and taking advantage of their complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection, one of the Jewelers recommended I get prong work done to it before I lose my center diamond. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable but he explained to me that all repairs are done in-store and that he would personally be working on it. He then began to describe and measure my diamond as he showed me the unique identifying characteristics of it under the microscope. He said that they measure and record every diamond they take in and it was actually pretty interesting to learn more about something that means so much to me. When I came back to pick it up, I was blown away at how beautiful it looked! We looked at it under the microscope again and I seriously think it looked even better than the day I got it! I just wanted to thank you Swede’s for really living up to the expectations of a trusted family jeweler and taking the time to make me feel so special. I will definitely be back in for repairs soon!" Kelsey O

“I have so many found memories at Swede's Jewelers. Every time I walk through the doors, I am greeted with a big smile and a friendly "Hello". The workers are always patient and helpful when I am trying to find the perfect gift. My most memorable experience was when my daughter and I attended a Customer Appreciation Open House. Swede's provided cookies and refreshments as we looked at all of the jewelry. I felt like a kid in a candy store, wanting every piece of the beautiful selection of jewelry at Swede's. There was also a raffle box at the open house. Everyone was welcomed to enter. There were drawings every few minutes. As we were looking at all of the jewelry, my 15 year old daughter's name was called. She was told to look at all of the showcases and choose a marked jewelry box. The expression on her face was priceless when she opened the box and found a pearl necklace! This day at Swede's will always be a wonderful memory for us. Swede's has added many priceless memories since the open house, as well as many great pieces to our family's jewels. We always go to Swede's for our jewelry needs. We especially love the huge assortment of Pandora charms. My daughters and I have big smiles while looking at all of the unique and dainty charms. Thank you, Swede's, for always being a family-friendly business and making our shopping experience an A plus!” —Linda J.

“I've been shopping at Swede's for quite a while and recently celebrated my 50th birthday. When I started to consider how I wanted to celebrate this milestone, I knew I wanted a party and a beautiful piece of jewelry! I immediately went to Swede's and found the most amazing diamond bangle bracelet. Elaine helped me inscribe a wonderful message inside that means so much to me and will bring meaning to whoever it is passed down to. I love my birthday gift to me! Thank you!” —Robin M.

“Great experience! Great family run business! And certainly great prices on Jewelry. The staff listened to what I specifically wanted to give as a gift and really went out of the way to find the perfect pearl necklace. Swede's is a comfortable place to get exactly what you what!” —Paul Z.

“Two pieces of jewelry were purchased for me here when I was a little girl and I still wear them both. One is a silver charm bracelet my dad had inscribed with my name and the second was a claddagh ring from my mom. My Dad has since passed and the bracelet means the world to me. Thank you Swede’s Jewelers for providing me with a way to cherish them both always!” —Caite T.

“Swede's is an outstanding Jewelry Store. They always do their best to take care of me, no matter who waits on me. They are always friendly and extremely helpful. They are the kind of jeweler who will talk you out of the larger more expensive diamond and suggest one slightly smaller, less expensive, but much cleaner, brilliant, and higher quality. I bought my wife’s engagement ring there (the example from above regarding the smaller diamond), our wedding bands, charms for my wife, mother, and mother in law and so on. I will never buy jewelry anywhere else. As long as they are in business, they will have all of mine!”  —Christopher H.

 "Made a purchase of a new line, Mi Moneda. Rob was fantastic showing me all the options for this new line of jewelry. Thanks Rob and all of Swedes employees."  -Jim H.